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Published By The Indian Society Of Tree Scientists

The Indian Society of Tree Scientists was founded in 1980 with a view to create platform for development to tree sciences, in general, with a multidisciplinary approach to improve the agroforestry resources.

Editor-in-chief : Prof. K.S. Verma
Chief Editor : Dr. Pankaj Panwar
Editor : Dr. Rajesh Kaushal
Associate Editor(s) : Dr. Harmeet Singh Saralch - Ludhiana
                                  Dr. Nariender Singh Thakur - Gujart

Reviewing of article

All manuscripts will be peer−reviewed by at least two competent reviewers (members of the Editorial Board or outside experts), and the reviewers' comments will be forwarded to the authors. The reviewers will remain anonymous to the authors. While submitting the revised manuscript, the authors should explain point wise reply to the reviewers' comments. If the authors disagree with the reviewers' comments, the reason(s) should be explained.